Canada Search Engine Optimization contest March Sixth

First Search Engine Optimization contest results

Although only two days after submitting my Canada Search Engine Optimization contest website to the major search engines. Today I was already eagerly checking Google, Yahoo, and MSN for results. Not really expecting to be found on any of the search engines so soon, I was surprized to find myself on MSN at #18. Not great, But its a start and I will try to patiently wait to appear on the other search engines. This Canada Search Engine Optimization contest may turn out to be a humbling process, as I have to face the possibility of doing all this work and not winning. However, I suspect I will learn something from the winners which will be some reward for following this through. I just hope it will be something positive I can apply to my Search Engine Optimization projects and not just spamming techniques I would never use for my clients. Instead of just rambling on about my own Search Engine Optimization contest strategies I will also be providing Canada Search Engine Optimization contest updates on the contest in general and observations on the other contestants Search Engine Optimization strategies.



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