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This fun Search Engine Optimization contest sponsored by It is not just your ordinary ordinary Search Engine Optimization contest. Its is inherently different in nature because the contestants are mainly Canadian. There have been many contests that were very similar to it in the past. However, most of those Search Engine Optimization contests were publicized in the U.S. and as a result the majority of contestants were American.


Why is this Search Engine Optimization contest different ?

Why you may ask is this challenge so unlike those previous contests? Is it simply because there so far, seems to be a generally higher caliber of the contestant. It is appearant that for the most part there seems to be a majority of Search Engine Optimization contest entries are by those who truly want to play by the rules. Many of the obvious Black Hat techniques employed by winners of the previous Search Engine Optimization contests, don't seem to be used by MOST of the current competitors(at least not yet anyway) and many of those that are employing questionable tatics seem to be starting to drop in the standings.


Have the search engines changed Search Engine Optimization contest tatics ?


Perhaps, that is not the case with all the competitors but because this Search Engine Optimization contest runs until Mid-June maybe the search engines have will have caught onto most of the sneaky tactics employed. This may be especially relavent with the recent Search Engine Algorithm changes that occurred in (January 2007 ), that are now are just beginning to take effect. This may ultimately exclude many of the contestants who are currently utilizing obvious spamming techniques that used to work in previous years.

Or maybe its just that the Canadians are an overly polite, rule following bunch when it comes to this type of Search Engine Optimization contest.


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